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Let's get to work

Working is not only about achievement; it is also about how you feel, how you look, where you work, and how you treat yourself. 

Comfortable is good, but great is better

manuelita otero

Do you remember the last time you did something for the first time? Maybe it was a new job where you felt overwhelmed or maybe it was something you wanted to try. Think about what was going through your mind… Did you feel others were judging you or even secretly making fun of you because you looked a little lost? Did you have second thoughts about your decision? Or were you excited to be learning different things?

Starting something new is not easy. In a way it threatens our confidence because we are suddenly in a situation where everything is different from what we are used to. We may feel lost while everyone around us seems to know it all.  Although it feels good to be in control and to know what we are doing, sometimes our fear of letting go keeps us in certain places doing certain things longer than necessary. Maybe subconsciously we have been putting something off, whether it’s a new job, a career move, a martial arts class, or a trip abroad alone. We may feel comfortable in our current situation and afraid to venture into the unknown. But comfortable is different from excited, inspired, or fulfilled.  And comfortable is good, but great is better. What if that feeling of safety is getting in the way of what we are destined to be and do?   

Next time you are starting something new remember this:

-Everyone started somewhere.
-Be humble; ask for help if needed.
-Learn from others.
-Enjoy the journey.
-Go above and beyond; you won’t regret it.
-Be patient with yourself.
-Smile and have a good attitude.
-Not everyone is going to love you, and that’s ok.

We all started somewhere. Everyone who seems to be great at a sport or seems to know everything at the office at one point didn’t know anything.

Not knowing it all and making mistakes while trying something new is normal and will teach you so much more than you can imagine. It will remind you that your value doesn’t depend on how well you do something or what your position is. It teaches you confidence, appreciation, the value of growing and continuous learning.

If you are satisfied in your job, good; if you are not interested in trying something new, that’s good too. But if deep inside you know that there is something you really want to try, what are you waiting for? Try it, give it your best, have fun at it, learn from the experience. Don’t be afraid to fail, because the fact that you have tried is already a victory.