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My tribe

Little things are not so little after all

manuelita otero

Some years ago we went to Kota Kinabalu, a beautiful city in Malaysia.  We saw a completely different culture, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking landscapes, but we’ll all tell you that our favorite memory from that trip was our daily afternoon cake.


Our children were still small so by lunch we were all exhausted; them from running around and us from running behind them. Every afternoon we would go back to the hotel and the four of us would take a nap, and after a well-deserved rest we would head to the hotel’s small bakery searching for cake.  From the moment we arrived we noticed the great variety of cakes. They looked so enticing that we decided we were going to try them all. Surprisingly, we did.  One piece would be enough for the four of us, so every afternoon we were armed with forks, ready to enjoy our family afternoon.  We would talk about the day, what we liked and what we wanted to do next. We just ate and enjoyed our time together. It was such a beautiful memory over something as simple as eating a piece of cake.   

Sometimes we think that the best memories are going to be the big events in life, the expensive trips, or the fancy parties, but in reality, it’s about the little things.   Think about it for a moment.  Which is your favorite memory? What comes to mind and makes you smile? Which has been the best gift you have ever received?   If you are a mom or a dad you’ll probably still have some of the gifts your children would bring home from school: paintings you couldn’t decipher, but melted your heart; jewelry, ornaments or abstract sculptures, which in my case, still decorate our living room.  Or maybe it was a little something a special someone made for you to commemorate a meaningful date for the two of you.  A flower when it was least expected, a card in the mail, a poem, or a sweet note on a mirror.

The little things are not so little after all. They are reminders that life is beautiful and doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it sometimes. The little things are subtle and can easily be missed when we travel through life distracted with the busyness that each day brings.  Make time for those little things, notice them around you and make them happen with the people close to you.  Change lives, make memories and enjoy each day as the gift it truly is.

By Manuelita@manuelitaotero