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Me time

What will you give yourself?

manuelita otero


What do you think about when you hear “love”? This word is thrown left and right, many times thoughtlessly, tainting our perception of it. But it is important to take some time to discover what love means to you, so others won’t decide for you.

During this month there’s a lot of talk about love since in the States we celebrated Valentine’s Day. I love celebrations, everything should be celebrated, big or small events in life, but Valentines is one of those days that can feel forced and puts a lot of pressure on people. I remember years ago while I was in High School, this was one of those days in which many people would prefer to be absent. During the last period of the school day you would hear a voice over the intercom calling mostly girls to the front office and they would come back into the classroom carrying balloons, stuffed animals, and chocolates. I never got called to the front office on Valentine’s Day, and that’s fine, it didn’t ruin my self-esteem, but if I am honest, during that period as I waited for class to end a lot of things went through my mind and some doubts wanted to form. The younger girl from those Valentine days in high school is very different from the one writing this blog and that is one of the beautiful things that can come with age. There’s freedom when you feel comfortable in your own skin, without needing to compare yourself to others and understanding, embracing, and celebrating all of you. When you know that you don’t need chocolates, flowers, or even diamonds to know how precious you are. Is it good to receive these gifts and many others? Yes, of course! Is it important for couples, friends and family to show their love to each other? Again yes! But that’s all it is, a nice gift, a nice thought. It doesn’t define us, it doesn’t mean we are worth more or less and it definitely doesn’t mean the bigger the present the more we are loved.

What are you going to give yourself, not only on Valentine’s but every day of your life? Give yourself time to rest, to laugh, to do silly things, to work on your passions, to spend time with loved ones, and to simply do nothing if that’s what makes you happy. This is self-love and it may sound easy, but this kind of love takes time, effort, and even discipline because there will be thousands of things trying to steal your time, trying to distract you to keep you in a rush.

Make yourself a priority and give yourself the same love and attention you give others. If you want to keep the conversation about love going, check out our book: First Love. It is an invitation to explore the real meaning of love. beautiful love that doesn’t feel heavy or overwhelming, but allows you to be the precious and unique person you are meant to be.   

Manuelita @manuelitaotero