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Me time

Gwenn has the handle on life

manuelita otero

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I began Handled By Gwenn M because I was tired of asking for permission. I was tired of contributing to someone else’s bottom line while mine sat in the red. Let me explain: working for a company other than your own, especially in Corporate America, asking permission to live your life is a constant plead. When our son was sick, I would have to ask permission to take the day to pick him up from daycare and possibly carry him to the doctor. When my husbands schedule changed abruptly, I would have to ask permission to change around my workday. When I just needed a day to myself, I would make the call of shame faking a cough or sore throat. If we are being totally honest, what company has allowed you to call in just because you needed a day off? All scenarios required the use of sick days or the ability to work overtime to cover time off so that my family would not suffer financially.

Bottom line: No one should ask permission to live the life we were given.

Handled By Gwenn M began as an idea 2 years ago and 6 months after became official with the click of a new business license creation online. Life became real at that moment. I sent the idea off into the Universe and the Universe has taken care of me ever since. I left Corporate America for good and now work on the go. On the go meaning: out of the country, in a coffee shop, during a long drive to our home town Jacksonville, FL, my home office or from bed when I happen to end up with sick toddler cooties.

So what do you do already, Gwenn? Cooooome on!

Pushy much? OK! I am an Executive Virtual Assistant. I handle the busy administrative work companies don’t have time for. And I do all of this remotely. Technology is something powerful. The businesses that have been created from two basic supplies: a laptop and a smartphone. With these items I manage emails, calendars, voicemails, keep files organized and literally so much more I can no longer keep up. I have worked with a Fashion Designer, Talent Agency, Reality TV Executive Producer, Real Estate Agent, Architectural Firm and others. They span from Georgia, Florida to New York! Because I am a curious being by nature I chose not to confine my business to a niche of clients. Trust me I toyed around with this decision for months because all of the business blogs tell you that you must have a niche. Not hanging myself by one has allowed me to work in different industries and expand my skills and build a network of professionals otherwise outside my scope. This way, I am never bored. Ever.

Because I am also heavily creative, I am working on rebranding the company to #Influencer status (bona fide secret for now so stay tuned). The vision under construction for Handled By Gwenn M is bigger than me. I am so dedicated to this vision I have enrolled in various courses to stay on track with an in demand industry, such as Front-End Web Development. Talk about resume’ upgrade. I am stoked to join the ranks of female business owners. Women are so phenomenal and the fact that we are taking back our lives for our families and bravely bypassing the normalized need to ask for permission to do so…this is so sexy, so boss and so about time.

My advice to the dreamers wanting to follow their entrepreneurial spirit…plan and click order for the business license. At this point you are accountable and it is almost impossible to turn back. Once you are set up, find something new to learn daily. You owe it to yourself, and only yourself, to follow through and top that Forbes list.

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Gwenn McGuire

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I live in Midtown Atlanta with my creative husband and toddler who introduces himself as T-Rex. I am currently scouting a Colombian inspired door and knocker to welcome friends and family into our new construction home. Cartagena, Colombia, Ethiopian food, thrifting and experiences with my family are among my favorite life loves.

IG: @handledbygwennm

Linkedin: @gwennmcguire

Twitter: @handledbygwennm