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Realizing your Dreams

manuelita otero

As kids we are told to follow our dreams and dream big.  As adults we are told to stay in touch with reality and to keep our heads out of the clouds.  As we live and learn we must be able to come to a reconciling of these mind sets where we make our dreams reality.  Here are some helpful tips to realizing your dreams and goals. Whether they are long term or short term; these steps will help you get there.

Visualize it!  In order to go anywhere you have to see where you are going right?  This is the first step to realizing your dream.  You have to see a picture of where you want to go, what you want to do, and how you will get there.  This is where you derive you vision statement for your mission/dream/goal.  Many times we never realize our dreams because we never follow through and take steps towards fulfilling that dream.  Creating a vision can be as simple as writing the dream down and how you plan to achieve it.  It can start very small with a paragraph or two.  However, as you get deeper into the process, you will add to it.

Verbalize it!  Here is where you take yourself through the process.  This is something you can do alone to start.  However, it is more effective if you do it with someone you feel comfortable sharing with or someone who is resourceful in the area that you are focused on.  Talking things through out loud is a great exercise when you are creating a plan to reach any goal.  When you hear your thoughts you are better able to visualize and bring a deeper understanding to your thoughts.  If you are with someone, they are able to add to your thoughts and make connections you would have never made doing the exercise alone.   This is an ongoing process and as you move through your plan you will have to answer questions.  Here are some questions to answer during these times:  What is my goal?  What is my motivation?  What steps do I need to take to get to point A or point B? From these questions and answers will come more questions and answers which will lead to a more detailed plan.  But be careful not to stray from your original goal!  The more detailed you are, the better your chances are for achieving your goal as long as you maintain your focus.  Be selective and share with like-minded individuals or people who truly love and support you.

Vitalize it! This is the step that involves the most action.  All of the time that you have spent writing your plan, thinking out loud and giving detail to your plan will come to a climax as you begin to actually do those things you have been only dreaming about!  It doesn’t matter how you start this step as long as you start.  Every step counts!  You have carefully planned it out so go for it with complete confidence that you will succeed! 

No matter the age or place in life, we all have goals and dreams that we desire to achieve.  If you can see it with your mind’s eye you are already closer to achieving your dream that you realize.  Now it’s time to intentionally visualize, verbalize and vitalize your dream until it is your reality.

Sunja Harris

Sunja writes, sings and acts.  She is in the process of getting her networking group, DASI.  She says, "I am always ready to share whatever gifts and talents God has blessed me with.  I love to encourage others to do the same".