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Me time

Vacation everyday

manuelita otero

Close your eyes and think about your favorite vacation.  Can you see it? Are there certain smells or foods that take you back to that moment? Can you remember how you felt?  

I wonder what makes vacation time so amazing, and I am not being sarcastic by asking the obvious.  I really want to analyze that “vacation feeling”, because I would like to replicate it in my daily life. Could that be possible; to bring a little vacation into my every day? It just doesn’t feel right that we wait a whole year to have just one or two weeks of that glowing feeling we get during vacation.  There must be other way.

What makes a vacation? Is it freedom from worry, not having a schedule, or time with family?  Not having to cook? Doing nothing by the pool or exploring the outdoors? What if we tried to incorporate those things into our week? We seem to turn our life into a routine when it doesn’t have to be.

I started a list of some ideas to bring vacation into my days, and since everyone’s “vacation feeling” is different, maybe you can continue it with your own ideas:   

- Celebrate with your senses:  During vacation our senses are more awake.  It seems that everything smells fresher, tastes sweeter, and looks brighter.  If we take more time and pay attention to our surroundings we can experience this more often.   

- Spend more time outside: Do you have a balcony? Could you take your lunch break outside in a park, or work outside for a while? A little time in the sun can brighten any day.  

- Dress up or dress down: Many people love vacations because you dress up for dinner, or dress casually and relaxed.  Why should your day to day be any different?

- Make time for your favorite sports: Do you love a sport but don’t have much time to practice? Make some time for it, even if it is only once a week or once a month.  The important thing is to take that first step.  

- Try new foods:  Instead of going to the same restaurant and ordering the same thing, why not visit exotic restaurants and try new foods?

- Make time with family and friends:  Any moment can be made special with family and friends. Sing in the car, talk, play cards, make meals last longer… Create memories.

- Relax and take time for yourself: Schedule some “Me time” by doing what you love at least once a day.

- Take an electronic break: We don’t realize how much time we spend on social media and our electronic devices.  Disconnect more often!

- Drive with the window down listening to loud music: Driving is a perfect opportunity to unwind. Listening to your favorite music and singing along is a great way to bring that vacation feeling into your day.

- Visit new places: Check out what your city has to offer and get ready to discover your surroundings.

I truly believe that with a little practice, that vacation feeling where we are adventurous and see everything as a new experience can be incorporated into our life. Get ready for a little vacation every day of the year.

By Manuelita  @manuelitaotero