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Around the home

Plan pantuflas

manuelita otero

Problems or not, my home is my favorite place to rest.  I feel something magical when I go home and do my favorite thing: “Plan pantuflas”, which literally means “Slippers plan” which  can be translated as: a good book, magazines, TV, or a movie with  something good to eat that is easy to prepare. No shoes, no purse, no makeup, no worries.  When I get home I get there with a relaxing attitude.

As a first time mother and with a marriage of less than five years, I brought the “plan pantuflas” into my new family, and I think it has really helped us.  I don’t know where the tradition came from, but I do know that I want to leave this to my daughter so she can apply it for the rest of her life without having to wait for Sunday to rest.

I have always believed that when we have one of those difficult phases, full of problems and uncertainty, our home, regardless of how big, fancy, or the number of people living in it should inspire us and bring us that peace we need. It should be a place where we renovate and lose some heaviness and strife.

When we start having problems, we get a feeling that starts affecting everything; little by little it could even become a serious problem such as depression, anxiety, or continuous stress.  From the moment we notice something happening we need to shake off that extra weight, even if the process proves to be difficult. Your home is a great place to start the process. I may exaggerate, but I couldn’t live in a place where I had no “me time”. When I relax I let go of my worries, remember who I am, and what do I want.  

So, what gives us that feeling of relaxation and peace in our own space? It’s a different thing for everyone, but it may have started when you were small. Maybe you built your own house with blankets and pillows in the living room, or maybe you built a tent and loved to spend time there, or maybe you had a secret place under the stairs or under the dining room.  Now that you have grown and you have your own place; let it be the one you dreamed of when you were little.