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Moving Lessons

manuelita otero

“Moving”… the word alone brings many emotions doesn’t it? I have moved plenty of times and I don’t dislike it, actually there are many things I love about moving. During our most recent move, in the middle of the packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and the mess that comes with it, I  was reminded of several things:    

- Is the grass is greener on the other side?: I don’t know if it’s just us, but every time we’re going to move we start talking about our new place as if it’s going to be the most beautiful home in the world. We dream of wooden floors, perfect lighting, huge closets and we vow to put great time and effort to make it amazing. I think possibility overtakes reality and the same thing can happen in our lives. For example, when we start having problems in a relationship we think that if we had someone new everything would be wonderful. When in reality If we’d spend the same time working on our relationship instead of fantasizing about a perfect someone, maybe we would see positive changes. The grass is greener where it’s cared for.   

- Preparation is key:  I knew we were moving, and I knew what I needed to do, like sort papers and give things away.  But there seemed to be no time for that then, so I ended up doing that in the middle of the mess. There are things you are hoping for or things you want to achieve, but sometimes there is so much waiting that you feel like you are “wasting” time. Waiting time is actually preparation time. If you have a specific goal, a dream burning in your heart, then what you do each day should be getting you a step closer to it. Prepare while you wait and you will be ready when opportunities arise.

- Be creative: We moved to a smaller apartment and we decided not to buy anything new so it’s requiring a lot of creativity to find ways to use what we already have to solve organizational issues. In life we have to do the same. We may already have the solution to a certain issue that is stealing our peace, but we just haven’t seen it from a different perspective. Sometimes we get too caught up in the problem and can’t focus on the solutions available. Find solutions with what you have at hand.

- Me time, us time: Even though our apartment is small we’ve defined clear small areas which in a way “belong” to each of us. A place where we can work, or think, or have some alone time.  At the same time we have carefully crafted inviting areas where we can get together to share a meal, fun stories, and make memories with friends and family. In our daily lives we need to create spaces where we can be on our own enjoying our own company and also make time to share with those we love.

And one last thing, something that you probably already know: Most of us have more things than we actually need. All this stuff may be holding you back and getting in your way.  It’s better to travel light, so  give away the things that you don’t need, get rid of negative feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and shame. Let all your fears and regrets go and embrace change.

 Manuelita   @manuelitaotero

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