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Around the home

Do You Live in Your Dream House?

manuelita otero

Do you ever find yourself lost in your dream world, looking at photos of amazing houses on Pinterest? Is it just me? What would your dream house look like? I think one way or another we all want something different in our home, which is why so many people love those shows where houses go through a “Cinderella” transformation. The old house is turned into a beautiful, Pinterest-perfect place and the owners are crying tears of joy.

We can wish about something or we can dive into it and get it. I’m not saying that doing that dream project is going to be easy.  I know there are many hurdles to conquer before you can even get started, but once you make the decision to do something about it, you’re heading in the right direction.

Some projects around your house may be related to lighting, furniture, or decoration. Taking those projects may be easier. You could divide a big one into small steps and see your home transform month by month. Some projects may include construction or even moving and getting another place. Those will take more time, planning, and money, but the sooner you make a budget and a serious strategy to achieve your dream, the sooner you will be able to see it materialize. Maybe these tips will help:

- Be clear: Know what you and your family wants. Start with an open discussion where everything is possible; dream big! After all the ideas have been given, narrow it down to what everyone has agreed.

- Be inspired: Look through magazines, Internet, and TV shows. Get information to help you stay motivated and translate what you imagine into reality.

- Be knowledgeable: You don’t have to know everything about fixing the basement or changing the lights, but the more you know the better, so try to learn something about the project you want to achieve.

- Be prepared: A dream without a plan is just that, a dream. So if you are serious about what you want, if you want to see it a reality, define a strategy, make a plan, give yourself deadlines, and make a budget.

Manuelita   @manuelitaotero