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My tribe

Community… What a beautiful thing!

manuelita otero


Doesn’t it feel good to be around people who give you the freedom to be you? But even better, doesn’t it feel good when we give ourselves the freedom to be who we are meant to be? How that happens I don’t know, but when it does it’s magical!

We just got back from our creative retreat to Cartagena. Five days, eleven women, one beautiful city and the best community time we could have asked for. It was so refreshing to spend time with women who initially didn’t know each other, from different backgrounds, different ages, different passions and arrive to one conclusion: we are all amazing. I loved seeing each of them shine in their own way, look beautiful and feel beautiful without the need to be someone other than themselves.

Was everything perfect during our trip? No, it actually started a little rough with flight delays that tried to mess up the whole trip, but the beauty of community is the strength that comes from having people by your side supporting you. When you feel weak, someone is there to remind you how strong you really are. They laugh with you in the middle of crazy moments or simply sit silently holding your hand. There was a high probability for our creative retreat to be cancelled Friday at 5 am even before it started, but no one doubted the possibility of making it happen, we found solutions together and believed together, adapting to the changing plans.

Community is not about hanging around people who look like you, think like you and agree with you; on the contrary, it is about learning from differences, listening to life stories without judging and appreciating other people’s journeys. It’s coming together without masks, without protective barriers and giving ourselves the permission to be vulnerable and real.  

Most likely you are a strong independent woman, that is good, so good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with people who make the perfect community for you. Someday you will need them, someday they will need you and every day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the friendships you will create. Who is part of your community? Have you found your tribe? The people who help you grow, who encourage you, who challenge you? Find them, cherish them, and thank them!

Manuelita       @manuelitaotero