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My tribe

Wanting me time doesn’t make me a bad mom

manuelita otero

Being a mom is one of the best things in the world, but sometimes we forget our babies will grow (faster than we we'd like them to) and become adults with their own lives.

When we hold our baby for the first time, our priorities change. We want to protect our child, see him or her happy and in many cases we dedicate our lives to them, forgetting about ourselves.  Our children will always need us, no matter their age, but we can’t forget about ourselves. We are moms, yes! But we are also individuals with our identities, interests, hobbies, and dreams. Dedicating time to ourselves doesn't make us selfish or bad mothers.

Maybe these ideas will help you find a space just for you:

Routine – I know this word may not sound exciting, but children need a certain type of routine. It helps them organize their environment and have a sense of security.  If you can take your quiet moments each day at around the same time, children could adapt faster.

Round up – Explain the objective to your children and why you're doing it. Make a name for that time, ask them for ideas on what you could do during “mommy time.” You'll decide, but they'll be happy to be part of something important for you.

Also, define what they'll do during your time. They could work on a special project, a drawing, a book, or something that will entertain them.

Rules – It’s a good idea to define what it means for you to have quiet time, and that you should not be interrupted unless it’s an emergency. Once you take your first breath they'll come ask you for things and you may be tempted to stop. But if you are constant and respect your space, they will understand and respect it too.

Rejoice – Life is to be celebrated, big and small events. After your time alone, if possible, share some extra special time with your little ones.

Each moment with our children is precious and to be able to enjoy it completely we need to be relaxed and have some time alone.  It’s positive, healthy, and necessary for us moms to take some time each day to be good to ourselves, to do something we enjoy or to do nothing at all. It shows our children how important it is to take time to celebrate who we are and to do what we love and also to respect the needs of others. So get ready to enjoy time with your children and time alone, it’s a win-win for the whole family!