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Me time

Christmas Blues

manuelita otero

Beautiful decorations everywhere, lights and music, people going and coming buying presents and preparing family gatherings, it’s all so beautiful and at the same time for some people a little overwhelming.  Do you sometimes feel that you just can’t get into the Christmas festive spirit and secretly feel guilty about it? For many people Christmas is a stressful time full of responsibilities or a sad reminder that loved ones are far away or no longer with them.  What to do when everyone around seems so happy and you just can’t join in? There may not be “quick” ways to shake the Christmas blues, but these ideas may help you celebrate this special time of the year:

- Why: Such a simple but powerful word and one that you should be asking yourself often. Finding why certain things are upsetting you will direct your steps toward tangible solutions.   

- Your time: Spend time on your own.  Try not to fill every free minute of your day with things to do.  I know how hard it is, but if you make time each day to do something you enjoy, even if it’s as simple as having a coffee alone, it will help you be energized for the rest of the day.

- The real reason: People celebrate Christmas for many reasons and in different ways.  Keep in mind why do you celebrate it and what it means to you.  Don’t let pressure or stress take away from the reason you celebrate this season.

-Your way: Christmas memories are made when moments are shared from the heart. Don’t try to meet someone’s expectations or compare your celebrations to the people around you. Do things your way.

- Forget perfection: Relax and enjoy it.  If you have guests coming to your home, plan and be ready, but let go of unrealistic expectations.  Most people are there to enjoy time together, not for a perfect meal in a perfect house.

- Share: Giving throughout the year is good, but during Christmas it’s even better. Think about ways you could be a blessing to people around you.  Give the best gift of all: love.  

If you have the Christmas blues know that you are not the only one and don’t feel guilty about it.  Christmas is a beautiful time, enjoy it without pressure.

Manuelita  @manuelitaotero