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Let's get to work

Working is not only about achievement; it is also about how you feel, how you look, where you work, and how you treat yourself. 

What a celebration!

manuelita otero

Don’t you just love to celebrate? On March 3rd , Happily Imperfect and My Closet etc. had the opportunity to celebrate with some amazing women. What were we celebrating? So many things that we just couldn’t define one name for our event. It was the launch of our book First Love; it was a pop up shop; it was an opportunity to meet friends from social media, which we felt we had known for years; it was the chance to see people who have supported us through the years; it was a safe space to share opinions and discuss serious subjects, and an opportunity to network.  


As difficult it may be to explain how happy Nikka and I felt hosting this event; I will try to describe it:

- New friends, old friends, virtual friends: We loved seeing friends who have supported us for years, the ones who heard the idea and encouraged us, the ones who have seen the process and have shared the excitement and the challenges with us. We also loved being able to give a hug to women whom we had only seen on Instagram. The ones who make us smile with a comment, who like our photos, who buy from us, the ones who have become part of our virtual family, finally it felt so good to make it real and see their smiling faces, and to be able to thank them personally for their support.


- Deep conversations: We loved the conversations, the networking, and the new friendships that were made. It makes us so happy for women to come together and share their thoughts, to be vulnerable without worrying about being judged by people they just met. A friend commented “things got deep fast.” How good is that? To have meaningful conversations so together we can be part of the positive change we know needs to happen… priceless.


- No need for perfection: Isn’t it great when you are with a group of friends and you feel freedom to be you? That’s exactly how we felt and you can’t imagine how much we appreciate the opportunity to just be us: a little loud, a little messy, a little crazy and very relaxed. We saw our friends going along which made us feel comfortable. We had so much fun!  


- A confirmation: One of the objectives of our event was to encourage the women who attended, to remind them how amazing they are, but we didn’t realize that we would be encouraged as well. The comments made about the book, the conversations that took place, the smiles, the energy, everything was such a wonderful reminder that it is worth it, people are listening, and it makes a difference. When you see and when you feel what we felt the day of the event, it is such an exciting confirmation that you are going in the right direction.  

Manuelita @manuelitaotero and Nikka @nikkaduarte