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Bon appétit

Pause and listen

manuelita otero


Eating should be easy, enjoyable and simple, right? Nothing more beautiful than a full table with people you love sharing amazing food. But as picturesque as this may sound, it is not the case for everyone. Food for many people is an issue, not a delight. One more article is probably not going to give you that “magic” formula you have been seeking, but whether you are battling stomach issues or working on your relationship with food, we want to invite you to take some time to listen to your body as you keep this in mind:  

-Information overload: Too much information can be negative, especially when we receive advice from people who don’t know us and try to tell us what’s best. One year a certain food is great, the next it is something you shouldn’t even consider. Information is good, but make sure it comes from trustworthy sources and more importantly listen to what your body is telling you before you decide to change your whole lifestyle. 

-Health is not a trend: There seems to be a new trend each year, the perfect food that will solve all our problems, the secret that will give us eternal youth, the liquid diet that will burn all our fat away, the list goes on. There is such a hunger for a quick fix but our health is not a trend that changes every year, it’s unique and our responsibility is to know ourselves so well that we know what works and what doesn’t. 

-Food is just not the same: Food has changed, which could be why there are so many issues and allergies nowadays. A lot of foods are now enriched with additives and ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. Try to buy food as fresh as possible, as close to the source and with the least possible packaging. Plastic is not only terrible for the environment, but also bad for us. Parts of that plastic packaging in our food is going into our bodies and affecting us. If you can, plant a garden and cook often at home. There’s nothing like a homemade meal. It may take a little preparation, but convenience has a high price we don’t realize we’re paying.

-Your lifestyle: Our bodies work hard as they process food and they need the right environment. Mindfulness as we eat is not only a cool thing to post or talk about, it’s real and necessary. When we eat, we need to focus on eating. Our attitude toward the food we are eating, listening to our body telling us when it’s full, savoring the food, It is all an important part of healthy eating habits. 

It will take time for us to make peace with some issues we deal with everyday related to food, but the sooner we start doing what we need to, whether it be seeking help or simply separating the time to eat our meals daily, the sooner we will be able to fully enjoy our relationship with food. Eating is one of those pleasures in life that can’t be taken for granted. Appreciate it and enjoy it one bite at a time.