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Bon appétit

A good meal is more than just food

manuelita otero

National Geographic  has a very interesting program about how the brain Works called Brain Games. This week they talked about how the brain tricks us and warns us by focusing on appearances when it’s time to eat or buy food. After several experiments and interviews they came to the conclusion that our brain prefers bright colors when it comes to packaging and foods, and we are most attracted to yellow and red, which may explain why some companies choose to tint their foods to make them more appealing, for example, making butter yellow.  

All this talk about appearance related to food made me think on how nice it is to sit down and eat at a beautifully served table.   

I have an aunt who inspires me because she always makes everything extra special, whether it’s her home, her clothes, or any of her things. I have always noticed how without outdoing it she serves every meal with exquisite elegance. It can be a ham and cheese sandwich or a full course meal. I remember as a small girl I loved watching her prepare food, especially seeing her make salads because she would put so much love and attention into them. She would make them look so delicious even for me, not a big fan of vegetables.  

Now, 20 years later I still enjoy visiting her because it’s always a great joy to sit down at a table where you know love has been poured over the meal you're about to eat. Everything looks beautiful and delicious. The meal just tastes better. What good is it to spend so much money on organic food if it’s going to be served in a rush? What good would it be to spend hours preparing a meal and then not take minutes to make sure things are pleasant to the eye?   

I believe we eat happier when we see a beautifully arranged plate in front of of us. Many times it’s about giving yourself a few extra minutes and doing simple things like putting a beautiful placemat, a colorful napkin, choosing your favorite cup, having some flowers close by, putting a lemon wedge on a drink, and other little things that will conquer not only the stomach but also the heart.