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Bon appétit

Travel light and still eat right

manuelita otero

Sometimes a tight schedule with several activities and long hours driving from place to place can get in the way of healthy eating. When we are caught in between meetings or children’s activities and hunger strikes we succumb and end up eating the first thing we find, usually fast food which won’t keep us full for long and is not the healthiest choice available.  We don’t have to give into our busy schedule or choose between eating healthy and doing a lot.  

Food on the go:


This is the most important meal of the day, don’t skip it! Eating breakfast helps keep us fuller and avoid over eating throughout the day.  It helps our short term memory, improves our mood, and gives us energy to get our day started; besides it's so good!  Find a little extra time in the morning and notice the difference it will make in your day and in your health.

- A Fruit and veggie smoothie can be prepared in less than 8 minutes and even faster if you cut ahead of time and freeze the ingredients you want to put in it. All you need to do in the morning is blend and enjoy. 

- I love tortillas because you can make breakfast, lunch and dinner with anything you have in your fridge.  For a breakfast burrito put some scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon or anything you may have left from dinner. Fold and breakfast is ready. 

- English muffin with egg and ham is another easy breakfast on the go and full of protein.

 Lunch or dinner:

- Sandwiches are a wonderful invention.  Experiment with them; try different combinations with new flavors and spices. Put lots of greens in them.  Make them healthy and delicious.  

- Salads are easy to take and also a great opportunity to experiment with a fusion of ingredients which can include leftovers. Put nuts and spinach to add protein.

- Rice dishes are also great ideas to take with you.  Take some rice from the night before and put what you find in your refrigerator.  Add salsa for a south of the border flavor, soy sauce for Asian inspiration, Italian spices … you get the idea.

Having an “on the go” menu planned for those busy days helps when shopping for ingredients and shortens preparation time.  Also have a lunch bag, picnic basket or cooler in a place of easy access, ready to go whenever you need it.   

And don’t forget to take water and snacks with you.  Make your reusable bottle part of your daily outfit.  You can infuse it with fruits or just lemon.

Traveling light and eating healthy is not only possible, but easy and delicious.  

 By Manuelita   @manuelitaotero