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Making dreams a reality

manuelita otero


When was the last time you dreamed something big? When was the last time you worked toward that dream? Making dreams come true doesn’t look like it does in the movies or in fairy tales, in real life there’s a day by day process that may not be as exciting or romantic. Making your dreams reality involves lots of hours, plans, to do lists, failed attempts, fear, courage, and new opportunities. A roller coaster of emotions worth riding because in the end you either achieve your dream, or you know you gave everything you had and it just wasn’t meant to be, which is not necessarily a bad thing, dreams evolve and sometimes what you thought you wanted was only a stepping stone for what you needed.  

My daughter and I have a dream at this moment. We want to buy a house. Maybe buying a house for a lot of people is not a big deal, it’s the expected thing people do at a certain time, but for others it may not be that easy.  To make our dream more interesting, we want to buy our house soon, and we have certain characteristics that we definitely want. We don’t have all the money we need right now and we know it is a short time span, but that’s what makes the dream even better. We feel it is the right time and a wise decision, so we are moving forward with our plan.  But a dream is not enough, and a plan is only as good as its execution. Things don’t just happen, we need to find a way to make them happen. 

So if you have a certain idea floating in your head, ask yourself the following questions: 

-What is it that I really want to do and why?

-Is it the right time?

-Why am I interested in this now? 

-Is there a way to make it happen? How?

Think, plan, and do. It sounds simple, and in a way it is simple, but it’s not easy. 

Maybe you don’t want to buy a house, your dream might be to release the music you have been working on for years, to travel the world, to go back to school, to start a new career, to open your own business. Whatever it is, remember to hold on to it and don’t let the size of your dream discourage you. On the contrary, let it inspire you. Let it remind you as you work long hours why you are doing what you are doing and focus on the end goal as you enjoy the process. 

We will keep you posted on our house buying process. We are so excited, but also a little tired from the extra work we had to take on. It will be worth it and nothing beats the feeling that every day we are getting closer to our dream.