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Around the home

Moving things around

manuelita otero


Sometimes you just need change. Otherwise, life can quickly become a monotonous list of things we do - habits and schedules we have mastered day after day. Change can be as simple as switching your toothpaste or as massive as switching careers.  I like change and at the same time I like my schedule. It’s a sweet mixture of needing a system but getting bored easily. A couple of days ago as I was working in our living room, I looked up and saw our sunroom. (We live in a very small apartment so I can see everything from our dining room.) Our sunroom is what I consider our prettiest room because it is full of windows that look over trees and nature. My daughter has an online vintage store, My Closet Etc and she has been keeping the clothes there. They look cool, but I wanted to be able to enjoy that room more. So I changed it and this is what I learned as I moved things around:

- What do you really want?


I wanted to be able to use our sunroom in a more efficient and practical way. I wanted to have an inviting space to enjoy. I knew what I wanted. That’s easy when we are talking about changes in a room, but when it comes to our lives, it may not be as clear. You may feel something is not clicking, you are overwhelmed, or something is just not right, but do you take the time to dig deep and figure out what is happening and what do you really want? How can you achieve what you want and need if it’s not clear to you? Time to analyze your situations is time well spent.

- Just do it

I thought for a few minutes about what I wanted to do with that space. I asked my daughter what she thought and when she liked the idea I started moving things around.

Sometimes we take too long to put into practice our ideas or the changes we need because we want to avoid uncertainty. If you know there’s something that needs to change in your life and a new direction you need to take, don’t think too long, do it before fear keeps you in your “comfort zone”.


- You don’t have to do it alone

I am stubborn and a little impatient sometimes. I had an idea, I wanted to do it so I started immediately. That wasn’t smart because moving boxes, tables, and a sofa at 11 pm on my own is not recommendable. It took me awhile just to figure out how to get the sofa out of the room it was in. I kept thinking “it went in, so it has to come out” but when we moved in, I had help.  

In life some things we need to do alone, but others we simply can’t or shouldn't. There are times in which you will need support, encouragement, and a friend to remind you that it will be alright. That’s why we need community. A group of non judgemental friends who really care about you and will be by your side no matter what. Yes, do it, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Moving a couple of piece of furniture around sounds simple, but I can’t express how happy it has made me. I love spending quiet time in this area. I love working as the rain falls or when the sun rays come through the windows brightening my day. The space is exactly what I was looking for, an invitation to be creative. And I also love the lessons in the process. Now is your turn... Is there anything you would like to change? Maybe something simple at home or maybe something deeper within you. Whatever it is remember to clearly define what you want, and do it whether it is on your own or with help. There’s no better time than now.

Manuelita @manuelitaotero